Author: Fatema Ahmed

Team from QCRI at SemEval-2023: “Task 3: News Genre, Framing and Persuasion Techniques Detection using Multilingual Models” 

Scientists from QCRI participated in Tasks 3 that focus on addressing misinformation by identifying news genre, media framing, and persuasion techniques in news articles with a special direction to multilingual model.

CheckThat! Lab Shared Task at CLEF 2023

Tanbih team is co-organizing CheckThat! Lab Shared task at CLEF 2023 on the topic of Checkworthiness, Subjectivity, Political Bias, Factuality, and Authority of News Articles and Their Sources.

Research Paper Accepted at EMNLP-2022

Scientists from QCRI published a paper titled: “Assisting the Human Fact-Checkers: Detecting All Previously Fact-Checked Claims in a Document, at EMNLP 2022”.

QCRI Discusses the Findings of a Shared Task on Propaganda Detection in Arabic

The aim of the shared task is to build AI models to detect and identify those means or techniques using Arabic tweets as a source of data.

Research Paper by Tanbih’s team Accepted at COLING-2022

Tanbih’s team publishes on fake news, propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation in online platforms.

CLEF 2022 CheckThat! Lab: Advancing the Detection of Misinformation and Disinformation in Social Media

The CLEF 2022 CheckThat! Lab is scheduled to take place from September 5-8, 2022, and will focus on advancing the detection of misinformation and disinformation in social media

A Research Paper is Accepted at IJCAI-2022 Titled “Detecting and Understanding Harmful Memes: A Survey”

Team from QCRI joined an international group of researchers in highlighting the automatic identification of harmful content that can be found online.

Research Paper Accepted at NAACL-2022 Titled “The Role of Context in Detecting Previously Fact-Checked Claims”

Tanbih’s team published a new paper studying the importance of modeling the context of the claims made in political debates.

QCRI Holds the Artificial Intelligence for Collective Intelligence (AI4CI) Workshop

The Social Computing Group at QCRI brought together leading organizations and researchers in the field of data science for the Artificial Intelligence for Collective Intelligence (AI4CI) workshop.

Dr. Preslav Nakov Participates in Conversations Highlighting Media Literacy and Disinformation

Dr. Preslav Nakov from QCRI commented on media literacy in “The EU Meets The Balkans Forum”.