TANBIH News Aggregator 

Uncovers stance,  bias and  propaganda in the news
Promotes different viewpoints, engages users
Limits the effect of Fake News


The project aims at developing a news aggregation application that helps users “step out of their bubble” and achieve a healthy “news diet”.


We make explicit media stance, bias, and propaganda, thus limiting the effect of fake news. We further offer different viewpoints and angles on controversial events and topics.

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We partner with MIT CSAIL.

We further collaborate with Qatar University, Northwestern University, HBKU, Sofia University, Data Science Society, and A Data Pro.


Our research was featured by 100+ news outlets including:

Forbes, Boston Globe, Aljazeera, MIT Technology Review, Science Daily, Popular Science, Fast Company, The Register, WIRED, Engadget, among many others

Our Current Team

Dr. Firoj Alam

PI, Scientist, QCRI

Yifan Zhang

Product Owner, Senior Software Engineer, QCRI

Hamdy Mubarak

Principal Software Engineer, QCRI

Former Team

Dr. Preslav Nakov

PI, Senior Scientist QCRI

Dr. Alberto Barrón-Cedeño

Assistant Professor UNIBO

Dr. Giovanni Martino

Scientist QCRI

Dr. Salvatore Romeo

Scientist Amazon

Dr. Kareem Darwish

Principal Scientist QCRI

Dr. Jisun An

Scientist QCRI

Dr. Haewoon Kwak

Senior Scientist QCRI

Dr. Ahmed Abdellali

Senior Software Engineer QCRI

Israa Jaradat

Research Assistant

Dr. James Glass

Senior Research Scientist MIT-CSAIL

Dr. Mitra Mohtarami

Research Scientist MIT-CSAIL

Dr. Ramy Baly

Post-doc MIT-CSAIL

Seunghak Yu

Joint Post-doc QCRI/MIT-CSAIL

Former Advisors

Dr. Stephan Vogel

Internal Advisor, Research Director Arabic Language Technologies QCRI

Dr. Sanjay Chawla

Research Director Data Analytics, QCRI

Dr. Ingmar Weber

Research Director Social Computing, QCRI

Dr. Banu Akdenizli

Associate Professor, Northwestern University in Qatar

Stakeholders and Collaborators